aRt2Day v3.0 Released

aRt2Day2.5 Fun Draw, Paint, Share

aRt2Day v3.0 is the 3rd version of this simple, basic fun drawing Android application, originally designed as a fun learning tool for kids and family.* Now artists will find it more versatile.

This release is Special, by popular demand. The entire drawing interface was overhauled, making it more productive, in terms of space utility, not to mention an array of a whole new set of tools with greater user flexibility. However, some of the old tools have been retained, such as the Share Image & Share Text interface. The Crop Tool has also been retained but with some modifications; now you can crop image at any arbitrary ratio of your choice: Landscape, 16:9; Portrait or Square, or 4:3; In the previous version you could only crop a Square shape.

The Brush Tool has undergone tremendous change, from an option of only 6 brush sizes to choose from, to Slider range anything between 1 - 100 brush sizes! And to compliment this wide range of brush sizes, The 12 Color Palette has been replaced by a complete Color Wheel,  with all the colors of the rainbow available, from solid hue to white, and from dark to light, with accompanying transparency settings enabled by two sliders. The old Transparency Tool was retained, more for historic reasons than the added transparency effect, which can also be obtained directly from the Color Wheel.

Another major shift from previous versions of aRt2Day, is the introduction of Geometry Drawing. Now you can draw fixed Straight Line, Perfect Circle, Triangle, Rectangle and Square. However, if you wished to manually draw shapes, then the Draw Shapes interface would serve just that. The Draw Shapes interface provides an Options Menu dropdown from top right, where you could choose what Mode to draw shapes: Perfect Circle, Oval, Straight Line, Right Triangle, Isosceles Triangle, either using Outline-Type or Fill-Type; the Normal Mode lets you draw figures, shapeless lines and curves as you wish.

The Draw Pattern Tool has been retained, but with some modifications; now the patterns are hidden from screen, and can be invoked by the Pattern Button, which displays all 8 Patterns in a Dialog asking you to Choose a Pattern. The idea is to first select your Brush Size, then Choose a Pattern and draw, paint on the canvass. The effect is still as much as the previous version, you'll love it.

We are continually working to keep improving usability, utility and cyber fun!

*All the drawings in our aRt2DayComics #1 Android application were produced using the aRt2Day2.5 app, using only one consistent brush size No 2 throughout the entire comic book.



art2day v3 brushtool

Brush Tool

new drawing interface

art2day v3 start newdrawing

Start New Drawing. This will erase the canvass. Any unsaved drawing will be lost.

brush size pickcker

art2day v3 eraser tool

Eraser Tool. Retains the Last Brush Size used. You can set new Eraser Size at any time

color picker

art2day v3 color picker

Color Picker


art2day v3 pattern draw paint

Pattern Chooser. Uses the Last Brush Size used. First select the Brush Tool, Choose the desired size, then Choose a Pattern. Click OK.

draw shapes tool

art2day v3 draw shapes

Draw Shapes. You have three choices rom the top right drop down Menu Options: Normal, free form drawing; Outline, and Filled Type. You can draw custom straight lines, Perfect Circles, Right Triangles, Isosceles Triangles, Squares, Rounded Rectangles, Square rectangles and Oval. You can Undo, Redo, Clear canvas and exit.

crop tool

art2day v3 crop tool

Crop Tool. In the Crop Window you can Rotate, Flip and Resize Image Crop region. You can crop Landscape: 16 x 9 ratio; Portrait, Square, and 4x3 ratio.


art2day v3 camera tool

Take Picture. This requires Explicit Permission to access your in-built Camera. The captured image is displayed in the Image View. You can Save this Image to Gallery, provided that you have Granted Access to your files.


background paint

art2day v3 background paint

Background Paint. Choose color from the Color Wheel Dialog, and your background is automatically painted with the selected color. This cannot be undone with the Undo Button. But you can alter the background color.

share drawing

art2day2.5 share drawing button

Share Your Drawing. You've sketched, drawn and painted a beautiful image. What do you do with the image? Save to your Gallery, perhaps? Or better still, share it to friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Gmail, etc. The Share Button will take you to the Share Image interface, where you can choose to get Image from either your Camera directly, or from the Gallery. You can also Share Text, independent of the Image. You Cannot Share bothe Text and Image at the same time.

draw fixed shape

Draw Fixed Shapes: Line, Circle, Square, Triangle and Rectangle. You cannot adjust these shapes. For custom shapes, go to Draw Shapes.

art2day2.5 fixed line draw
Fixed Line Draw
art2day2.5 fixed perfect circle draw
Fixed Perfect Circle Draw
art2day2.5 fixed triangledraw
Fixed Perfect Triangle Draw
art2day2.5 fixed square draw
Fixed Square Draw
art2day2.5 fixed rectangle draw
Fixed Fixed Triangle Rectangle Draw


load image from gallery

art2day2.5 load image tool

Load Image From Gallery

to resize image

To Resize Image, push any edge slightly upwards or downwards, inwards or outwards, to the desired aspect ratio and size.

add square border

art2day2.5 fixed square draw

Add any Fixed Shape as border, in this case, a Square is added. Choose the right Brush Size and Color.

add background color

art2day v3 background paint

Add Background Color to your Framed Picture. Select the Background Tool, Choose Color.

add text

art2day v3 brushtool

Add Text: Select the Brush Tool, Choose a reasonable Size, Write Caption. You can paint directly over pictures.

sample pattern background

This is a sample Resized Image, with Fixed Circle Border, and Pattern Background instead of color

sample painting

A sample painting, using varying transparency settings

sample painting

Two Love Birds

aRt2Day v3.0 is an awesome fun-drawing and painting tool for both Artists and non artists. It is also an easy learning tool for kids.

For more inspirations, please visit the aRt2Day Website or copy this link and paste in your browser:

Don't forget. You can download your FREE copy directly from Google Play Store using the link below:

aRt2Day v3.0 - FREE Download


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